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TTDCAPS is the premier manufacturer of headwear in Vietnam, we are producing baseball style caps for many famous brands, chief among them is the NEW ERA CAPS company from the USA. We manufacture and decorate special event caps, outdoor caps, sport capmilitary cap, business logo caps, custom orders, actually almost every imaginable kind of cap or hat for our customers. 

We are especially proud of our Research and Development team for creating new, fresh, highly desirable and affordable headwear. We are continuously doing research to develop new manufacturing and decorating techniques. TTDCAPS applies the innovations we originate to our caps and hats to please our customers around the world who now always expect the very best quality. We do all of our printing and embroidering in house, that is why we are very flexible, able to apply the best value and craftsmanship while designing and manufacturing every cap.

We are proud to have attained the FAIR LABOR ASSOCIATION(FLA standard/USA) factory verification on worker safety and human rights. 

Our advanced manufacturing equipment and our management system have passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Try us please, and you will get a timely response within one business day. You will be delighted with our professional and experienced TTDCAPS sales team who will ensure that you always receive the best headwear products available anywhere.

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