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Core Values


Customers are the sole reason for our existence and their satisfaction is always TTDcaps’ first priority.

We always follow our customers’ changing needs and continuously improve our products and technologies.


All of our employees are TTD Caps most precious resources.

A Strong Business Culture

With Slogan “One Company – One Team – One Goal”, the owners and management of TTD Caps focus intensely on having fair labor policies and a wholesome, healthy and stimulating employee environment. Many activities are held year round to enhance our very much appreciated employees' spiritual and social lives.

TTD Caps is extremely proud of this consistent employee support. The retention of our highly skilled team is crucial to maintain our total commitment to create a perfect quality product every time.

Advanced Production technology

The Company applies Lean Manufacturing that considers the expenditure of resources during manufacturing process and with the focus on  minimizing waste.

Great, young and qualified workers

We have a young and qualified employee team. TTD Caps is especially proud of our design team, they are always active, reactive and proactive, refining techniques and creating new designs, willing to face challenge.

An active and creative Research & Development  department

Our R&D department can design and develop any style that a customer brings to us and make it perfectly and quickly with the advantage of our many decades of “hands-on” experience.

We can, and will do if asked, suggest various options to our wholesale buyers to please their enduser/retail customers.

You are happy, we are ecstatic, TTD Caps will always find a  WIN –WIN solution for you.

A Quality Control System

Quality Control (QC) is a system of routine technical activities, to measure and control the quality of product as it is being designed, decorated and manufactured. The QC system is tailored to:

+ Provide routine and consistent checks to ensure data integrity, flawless perfection and completion. precious resources

+ Immediately identify and address any errors and/or omissions.

In order to provide the best quality product to our customer, we have a Quality Control Team that follows the production process from when we receive the order to the final steps labeling, packing and shipping, making sure that all of the headwear exactly meets all of  the customer’s requirements.

Our QC team is divided into 3 main groups:

+ Group 1: Checks the technical parameter to make sure that the product is exactly the same as the given sample and has perfect form/shape.

+ Group 2: Our QC team checks constantly. This means that we pick up and check random pieces throughout the whole production process.

+ Group 3: When the products are ready to be shipped out, we check it again to ensure they are all clean, decorated correctly and packed carefully.


We always put our credibility first.

We respect our competitors and always conduct our enterprise ethically.

We fulfill all of our obligations, we totally share and promote our customers/partners’ best interests to sustain and perpetuate our business and nurture friendly and mutually profitable relations.

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